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Click this link to view/print the 2017-2020 Contract: AEEF-WGBH CBA 2017-2020

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Contact: Don Trementozzi, dtrementozzi1400@aol.com, Barry Clegg, barry_clegg@wgbh.org

CWA Members Win New Agreement at WGBH

Contract includes wage increases, overtime pay and caps on health insurance premiums



Boston -- Communications Workers of America Local 1400 has reached a tentative agreement with WGBH on a new 3-year contract covering 240 workers at the public broadcasting station.

The agreement includes substantial improvements over the previous contract, which expired in February, 2020. Wage minimums will increase by 13% and annual wage increases will no longer be left to the discretion of management. All employees covered by the contract will now receive overtime and holiday pay. There will be limits on cost-sharing for health insurance premiums.

"This strong contract is a result of our members' determination to win much-needed changes at WGBH," said Don Trementozzi, President of CWA Local 1400. "The agreement shows the power workers have when they join together in a union to fight for fair and equitable working conditions. When we fight, we win."

"We bargained this agreement under the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic," said Barry Clegg, CWA Local 1400 District Vice President and Senior Editor for FRONTLINE PBS. "It wasn't easy, but we stuck together and the result is a contract that sets a high standard and that we can all be proud of. The union members at WGBH are passionate about the rich and important programming we provide for our public media audience, and we are excited to continue this work moving forward."

Other improvements include guaranteed vacation and sick leave, guaranteed holidays, improved severance pay and a provision that the use of contractors cannot result in layoffs.

The agreement will be sent to members for a ratification vote.



About CWA: The Communications Workers of America represents 700,000 working men and women in telecommunications, customer service, media, airlines, public service and manufacturing.

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Please click this link to view a side-by-side of contract improvements/changes:



In Solidarity,


Your Bargaining Team:

Don Trementozzi, President, CWA Local 1400

Keri Evinson, Executive VP, CWA Local 1400

Barry Clegg, District VP, CWA Local 1400

Karen Cusson, Recording Secretary, CWA Local 1400

Tonya Hodges, CWA Staff Representative

February 3, 2020

CWA Brothers & Sisters,

Our first day of bargaining with WGBH is one week away. Your CWA Local 1400 President, Don Trementozzi, will keep you updated via our Tape Line whenever new information becomes available. This has been a long-standing practice in our Local, even though it is a first for you! This will be in addition to any email or text bargaining updates you will receive from us as contract negotiations are underway.

We will let you know via email/text whenever the tape line is updated regarding your contract. You may call to listen at your convenience:

CWA Local 1400 Tape Line for Bargaining Updates:

(603) 431-4440

If you need any assistance with Union related matters, please contact CWA Local 1400 at clocal1400@aol.com or reach out to your CWA Local 1400/WGBH Union Stewards:


Barry Clegg (DVP)

James Black (Chief)

Alan McLellan

Andrew Outlaw

Benjamin George

Deb Frank

Isaiah Thompson

Jacob Slutsky

Joey Mullin

Julie Kahn

Michael Amundson

Natalia Evdokimova

Nathan Gray

Stephen Snyder

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Vinny Simeone


Barry Clegg (DVP)

Rebekah Downey

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Barry Clegg (DVP)

Elsa Partan

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