2009 Continued:

Call center workers vote to ratify first agreement with FairPoint

South China and Winthrop, Maine -- A year after forming a new union with CWA Local 1400, customer service representatives at two FairPoint Communications call centers in Maine ratified their first union contract on August 5.  The 55 workers are based at FairPoint facilities in Winthrop and South China, Maine.

"This is a big win for the employees of FairPoint, providing us with much needed job security in these hard economic times," said Lance Gagne, a customer service rep. 

Job security provisions in the agreement provide protections against subcontracting, and severance pay and recall rights in the case of layoffs.  The agreement is for five years. 

"This agreement achieves many of the members' key goals," said Don Trementozzi, President of CWA Local 1400.  "We won a strong grievance procedure with due process rights, bidding rights on new jobs, and company recognition of workers' seniority rights." 

The new union members will maintain the same health care benefits that are currently afforded to managers.

"It was great to see so many people pull together to put together this agreement," said Cathy Coolidge, who works as a customer service rep.  "Everyone at FairPoint can take credit for this, and everyone can be proud!"

Another 350 FairPoint employees are united in Local 1400 who work in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.  CWA Local 1400 also represents workers at Verizon and AT&T throughout New England. 

Congratulations Fairpoint Classic Members!!!


The CWA Local 1400 bargaining committee has reached a tentative agreement with Fairpoint Classic!  Your committee worked hard right up into the final hours, led by Keri Evinson & Paul Bouchard.

Fairpoint Telecom: First Ever Contract Highlights

Vacation:  although we will still be accruing vacation based on the chart currently located in our handbook…we will now be allowed to schedule/use all the vacation we will accrue over a course of the year!  No more waiting until you earn the time for Vacations!!!

Subcontracting of Work:  Fairpoint cannot subcontract out our work or share it with other centers if it will result in a layoff for the S. China call center employees.

Severance:  If there is a layoff, you can choose to be placed on a recall list for 1 year OR take a lump sum payment of 1 week per year you were employed with the company.

Insurance:  for now, the insurance will stay as it is.  We will continue to get the same benefits as Fairpoint managers, meaning if their plan changes in 2010, so will ours.  In November 2011, Fairpoint has agreed to reopen the contract to address the matter of Insurance.

Posting and Promotion:  Senior qualified candidates will be placed in the positions they apply for.  Positions will no longer be filled based misc. criteria.  If you are able to do the job you will get it if you are the most senior candidate. 

Overtime:  The use of PTO will be used in the calculations of Overtime!!!  You will be given a 24 hour notice on mandatory OT on an already scheduled work day and 4 days notice if that OT is to be worked on a non scheduled day.  If they call a half hour lunch, you will be notified 2 hours prior to the start of your lunch break.

PTO:  will still be accrued in the manner laid out in our hand book…but don’t forget, it is used in the calculation of overtime! 

Grievance Process:  Ok guys, this is huge!!  We now have what is known as a “Just Cause Standard” .  This means that the company must have a valid reason for disciplining you and that reason can’t be because they felt like it.  If you are disciplined and you file a grievance, the company now has to prove that the discipline was reasonable, they are going to be held accountable.  Everyone will be treated the same and treated fair.  Even though we have had an interim process, it didn’t have a Just Cause Standard….we do now!!

Seniority: The company has agreed to recognize the concept of Seniority. 

Discipline and Discharge:  We cannot grieve Verbal warnings, BUT…they age off after 6 months!  Written warnings are grievable and will be regressed to a verbal after 9 months…said verbal will still age off after 6 months.   Suspensions will age back to written after 18 months, and verbal after 9 additional months then gone after 6 additional months and are of course grievable. 

On Call/Call Back Pay:  If you are called back to work after your shift ends or on a day that is not a normal working day for you, you will get a MINIMUM OF 4 HOURS PAY!!!!!

Wages: We will be getting raises, more on this to follow!
There is a lot more to the contract then the above mentioned items, these are just what we felt were the highlights.  As always if you have questions or are wondering about anything that is not mentioned in this summary, please don’t hesitate to contact the members of the bargaining team!  We will be holding a meeting and giving more information to everyone soon.
We cannot thank everyone enough for the support you all have shown the bargaining team!  We all did this together and we can all be proud!

Details for Verizon "Surplus" Declaration

Hello Verizon Members,
The company has sent out a notification of a surplus condition (please read attachment).  While we were first told that we would not be affected we have been notified that this is not the case.  
A reminder that there is a no lay-off provision for those members hired before August 2nd, 2003.

CWA Administrative Assistant MA Marlboro 251 Locke Dr Lederman, Perla 1
 Local     Taunton 385 Myles Standish Blvd Cahill, Brian 1
 1400 Administrative Assistant Total         2
  Service Representative MA Andover 20 Shattuck Rd Cahill, Brian 2
      Springfield 365 State St Sordillo, John 1
      Taunton 11-13 Pleasant St Cahill, Brian 2
        385 Myles Standish Blvd Cahill, Brian 3
  Service Representative Total         8
  Special Assistant MA Marlboro 251 Locke Dr Lederman, Perla 1
      Taunton 11-13 Pleasant St Cahill, Brian 4
        385 Myles Standish Blvd Cahill, Brian 5
  Special Assistant Total         10
Grand  Total of "Surplus" in CWA Local 1400          20  

 At this time you can expect to receive a package in the mail for an Enhanced Income Protection Payment.  These payments will be awarded, by seniority, to those in the affected job titles throughout the Involuntary Transfer Areas.  These areas are Western Massachusetts, which includes only Springfield, and then all other centers in Massachusetts make up Eastern Massachusetts. 

If the company gets the volunteers it needs for the IPP, the involuntary reduction in force will not occur.  We will let you know if the company needs to implement any additional steps.
We will update as we get information!


Dress Code Talks Continue

President Trementozzi will be In New York city this week working hard for our Verizon members, bargaining Verizon's workplace attire.  The talks are scheduled for Monday-Wednesday & we'll post more information as we have it.  

Verizon: Get off home phone

Verizon Wireless is urging customers to “cut the cord” with their old-fashioned phone service - even though its corporate owner still has a large land-line business employing thousands of workers in Massachusetts and across the nation...
“Even I got one of the fliers at home,” said Trementozzi, whose union represents about 1,000 Massachusetts Verizon workers. “The ad campaign is real crazy. It’s a big mistake.”

Click here for the article

A Message from Mike O'Day

Hello Burlington Members,
If you could not make the recent meeting here is just a recap
for you.

Click here for the rest


FairPoint mess puts three states in jeopardy

From The Rutland (Vermont) Herald, April 9, 2009

When your pay, benefits or job are in jeopardy, there's little satisfaction in saying: "We told you so!"

But that’s exactly what 3,500 northern New England telephone workers are entitled to tell state officials who approved Verizon’s sale to FairPoint. Their flawed regulatory decisions in Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire have put employees, customers, local businesses, and the whole regional economy at risk.

Click here to read the article.

The Concord Monitor Article: FairPoint blasted at PUC hearing

"What you've done is negligent," Morrison said to Dee Burger, a Capgemini project manager. "You have placed the economic health of a large corporation and three states in jeopardy. This has made newspaper headlines across the nation. You have tarnished the image of these three states. Your company is responsible for that."

Don Trementozzi of the Communication Workers of America Local 1400 union said he thinks the problem is not the workers but the systems. He pointed a finger at Capgemini.  "Simple orders are just not making it through the system," he said.

Click here to read the article

CWA Members Ratify AT&T Mobility Contract
Raising 20,000 Workers' Wages 8.5 Percent
Members of the Communications Workers of America have ratified a four-year contract with AT&T Mobility covering 20,000 workers that increases wages 8.5 percent over the four-year term and adds flexibility for the employer, the union announced April 2.
In addition to a $500 lump-sum ratification bonus, all employees will receive a 1 percent hourly wage increase in 2009 and 2.5 percent hourly wage increases in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Employee benefits were agreed upon separately in a contract settled last year.
The new contract applies seniority rights to all articles of the contract and letters of agreement.
The AT&T Mobility "Orange" contract covers workers in the company's wireless business, a faster growing part of AT&T's business, formerly named Cingular Wireless.
Going into negotiations in January, CWA said it anticipated that economic issues, job security, union rights, and workers' rights would be the key topics during bargaining. The parties reached tentative agreement March 3 (41 DLR A-1, 3/5/09). The previous contract expired at midnight Feb. 7.
Mostly Customer Service, Sales, Network Organization
Employees covered under the contract commonly known as Mobility Orange work primarily in customer service, network organizations, and sales. The contract covers wireless workers in six CWA districts located in 36 states in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Mountain States, and West Coast. CWA represents another 22,000 workers at AT&T Mobility covered by separate contracts in the Southeast, Southwest, and Puerto Rico.
If the sales goals of the company's 11,000 full-time retail sales employees are met, contract changes in the retail stores compensation plan guarantee they will receive a minimum monthly commission of $1,000. In 2011, the annual amount will increase to $12,500.
The contract upgrades various positions:
. wireless technician I and II positions are reclassified as wireless technician with wages at the current wireless technician II level;
. CSR I representatives in the technical support group will be upgraded to a new title of customer support specialist with a new weekly maximum rate of $683.00;
. CSR I representatives in the office of the president will be upgraded to a new title of client service specialist with a new weekly maximum wage rate of $672.50;
. CSR I representatives, clerks, and administrative assistants in the workforce operations group will be upgraded to a new title of workforce administrator with a new weekly maximum rate of $632.50;
. CSR I representatives, clerks, and administrative assistants in the workforce operations group will be upgraded to a new title of workforce administrator with a new weekly maximum rate of $632.50; and
. about 400 employees at consumer and business call centers will become customer support specialists with a new wage scale.
In addition, AT&T will evaluate the CSR functions to see if additional titles should be created.
On-call pay will increase to $32 per day, up from $28 per day.
Seniority Rights Applied to Full Contract
When shifting positions from full time to part time, AT&T now will ask first for volunteers before imposing the change in reverse seniority order. Laid-off employees will be given priority placement for rehire.
The employer will issue "surplus" notifications for large employee groups 60 days in advance of the surplus, an increase from 30 days under the previous contract.
Maximum severance payments are increased to $15,000 based on years of service, up from $12,000.
Under the new contract, the union and company will create three strategic alliance committees to foster union-management cooperation by addressing issues of interest to both parties on a scheduled basis.
"We are very pleased that this agreement has been ratified. This contract maintains our goal of providing good jobs with good compensation. As always, we appreciate our employees' dedication and their focus on our customers," AT&T spokesman Walt Sharp told BNA April 2.
AT&T Inc. Contract Covers 125,000 CWA Members
Meanwhile, AT&T and CWA are continuing negotiations in six regions for a core agreement covering 125,000 workers.
In March, 88 percent of voting CWA members gave union leaders authorization to call a strike at AT&T if negotiations fail to produce quality contracts, the union announced March 23.
Five of the six contracts expire April 4, while one with AT&T Southeast expires in August.
Collective bargaining is taking place for AT&T Legacy, AT&T East (the former Southern New England Telecommunications), AT&T West (the former Pacific Bell/Nevada Bell), AT&T Midwest (the former Ameritech), AT&T South (the former Southwestern Bell), and AT&T Southeast (the former BellSouth).
While CWA has not announced specific bargaining goals for the AT&T contracts, the union has laid out issues it will address, including maintenance of quality, affordable health care, limits on subcontracted work, changing job titles and descriptions, and other job security concerns.
The current five-year contracts negotiated in 2004 now are national contracts following SBC Communications Inc.'s acquisition of AT&T Corp. in 2006, its name change to AT&T Inc., and its acquisition of BellSouth Corp. in 2007.

AT&T Mobility Contract Ratified. Click here for more...

Fairpoint Classic Bargaining

Click here for the Fairpoint Classic Bargaining update.

Judge refuses to dismiss case against FairPoint

A federal judge has refused to dismiss a case alleging FairPoint Communications Inc. engaged in deceptive conduct by availing itself of proprietary information belonging to a Burlington customer service and sales firm.

Click here for the full article.

News from the Communications Workers of America
and the

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Press Advisory

For immediate release: June 16, 2009

For more info contact: Rand Wilson (617) 809-0799

100 jobs at risk…

FairPoint challenged to fulfill job commitments

Portland -- When FairPoint Communications bought Verizon's landlines in Northern New England, it made commitments in all three states to improve service, add jobs and increase access to high speed internet. 

During the "cutover" period, both unions allowed the company increased flexibility to help it staff operations.  That flexibility included FairPoint temporarily using a subcontractor to outsource about 60 positions to Canada to help the Portland, Maine team with wholesale provisioning for its larger customers. 

But now that the cutover is complete, that work is supposed to return to the Portland office where management had promised to complete the additional staffing. 

Last week, FairPoint management reported that it intended to continue to outsource the 60 jobs to Canada.  To add insult to injury, management says that as of July 31, it intends to permanently outsource an additional 40 Service Rep jobs from Portland to the same vendor in Canada!

Similarly, FairPoint has taken Collections Department jobs promised for Littleton, NH and South Burlington, VT and given them to out-of-the-region subcontractors. 

"Both IBEW and CWA have worked cooperatively with management to help FairPoint get federal stimulus money," said Don Trementozzi, President of CWA Local 1400.  "But now FairPoint is violating our contracts and not living up to the promises it made in all three states."

"Even as FairPoint boasts about adding jobs in Maine, it's actually taking away the good jobs that we already have," said Pete McLaughlin, Business Manager of IBEW Local 2327. 

"This is our work.  The revenue is generated in New England and the work should be done in New England," McLaughlin added.  "In this economy, these telephone jobs are more important than ever.  Hiring local people will ensure a higher quality standard of service.  We can't afford to miss any opportunity for economic growth."

Diane Winton, President of IBEW Local 2327, says union activists won't let the company "off the hook" for the promises it has made.  "If FairPoint doesn't change its mind on these jobs, there may be a lot more than just fireworks at the company-sponsored 'Employee Appreciation' night set for the Seadogs vs. Erie baseball game on Thursday night." 

The baseball game is scheduled for 6:00 PM on Thursday June 18 at Hadlock Field, 271 Park Avenue in Portland.

Jobs With Justice Drafts Joint Health Care Reform Letter
to Obama with Massachusetts Labor Leaders

Dear President Obama,

We applaud your commitment to enact legislation that will improve health care in the United States.  Health care continues to be a critical issue for workers at the bargaining table and -- as the crisis in the auto industry shows -- without a real solution responsible employers lose their competitive edge while employees suffer...
Click here to read the letter.

We would like to thank everyone who came to Friday night's location meeting at the Lawrence Elks lodge.

A special thanks to our guests Pete Sikora District-1 NY and his presentation on the Employee Free Choice Act, Eddie Starr and his Officers from the IBEW who allowed us to join his RESPECT campaign, Rand Wilson from the AFL-CIO, Ralph Montefusco, CWA Organizer/Mobilizer, Dave Reardon and Steve Smith IBEW 2222, Jen Doe from Jobs with Justice and last, but certainly not least Steve Early, former CWA National and Local 1400 Staff Rep.

We were all reminded that, while, labor is in a better position as a result of the recent elections of Obama and a Democratic Senate, we must unite and push for there to be a real change against corporate greed and company intimidation in organizing.  We can make this change happen through grass roots membership participation. Again thank you for all your continued support.

Don Trementozzi
Keri Evinson 
Karen Cusson
Sumner Delaney

Hello CWA Local 1400 Verizon Members!

As you may have just found out, the Company just announced that Andover, as of April 5, 2009, will be going back to one schedule. You will still remain under the three separate queues for the determination of overtime until such time as everyone is trained in Fios which is estimated to be completed by end the end of June. This training will put us back to one schedule platform again and depending on your office you will see schedule allocations change, hopefully for the better, and we will keep you informed. Finally progress is being made but this is just the beginning.....

Springfield you will be the first demand office to be trained in Fios starting next week, followed by Worcester and then, finally the rest of Andover... This FIOS training schedule was determined by the company, because of the availabity of workforce development for whatever reasons. The goal is to be universal service reps again, trained to handle every call. This allows less transfers more efficiencies and reduces the queues and we can get our closed time back on a consistent basis.

We have been telling the company that there is workplace pressure which is causing a severe morale problem. One of the reasons the company agreed to one schedule is to boost morale and to move in a positive Union / Management relationship. We have agreed to rekindle the NEAT committee in an effort to address work place concerns/ problems.

Our Corporate profit sharing check is 749.00 this year. You will be receiving this in your 03/05/09 payroll check.

If you know someone who or did not receive this e-mail directly from an officer please send your e-mail address to clocal1400@aol.com. Please include your name and office location.

Thanks for your continued support and stay united. Have a great weekend.

Don Trementozzi
Keri Evinson
Karen Cusson
Sumner Delaney



AT&T Mobility Members:
Your signing bonus will be included in your May 15th check.

Click here for more pictures from the Jobs With Justice annual dinner


Attention Fairpoint NNE Members

Northern New England Work & Family
*Enrollment Notice*

The enrollment (re-enrollment) period for the Dependent Care Reimbursement Fund (DCRF) starts April 1, 2009. Everyone who wishes to enroll in, or continue to be part of the DCRF program MUST submit their paperwork....
Read more here.

Special Delivery for Verizon Shareholders

Verizon's annual meeting will be held in Louisville, KY, on May 7. Proxies should be arriving in the mail or by e-mail shortly. Once again, the CWA and IBEW local unions will be collecting completed proxies to deliver to Verizon's top management.

Below are voting recommendations from CWA Local 1400.
Item 1. Election of Directors
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE AGAINST ALL
Item 2. Ratify Appointment of Independent Registered Public Accountants
Item 3. Advisory Vote Related to Executive Compensation
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE AGAINST ITEM 3
Item 4. Approval of Verizon's Long-Term Incentive Plan
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE AGAINST ITEM 4
Item 5. Approval of Verizon's Short-Term Incentive Plan
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE AGAINST ITEM 5
Item 6. Stock Options
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE FOR ITEM 6
Item 7. Special Shareholder Meetings
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE FOR ITEM 7
Item 8. Separate the Roles of Board Chairman and CEO
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE FOR ITEM 8
Item 9. Cumulative Voting for Election of the Board of Directors
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE FOR ITEM 9
Item 10. Golden Coffin Agreements
CWA Local 1400 recommends a VOTE FOR ITEM 10

Please return your completed proxy in the original envelope directly to your steward or executive board member by Thursday, April 30
Note: You cannot vote online if you want the union to deliver your proxy. You may print out the online proxy and then treat it like a regular paper proxy.
CWA & IBEW will be collecting and delivering voted proxies to the company. CWA & IBEW are not asking for discretionary authority to vote proxies on behalf of their members. Please make sure you vote and sign your proxy.

CWA Local 1400
155 West Road, Portsmouth, NH


Organizers protest at Rite Aid store
By Sabrina Cardin, Staff writer

The Daily News of Newburyport
April 04, 2009 12:15 am

AMESBURY -- Half a dozen local protesters gathered at Rite Aid yesterday in support of California workers currently fighting to join a union and their larger cause, the Employee Free Choice Act.


Protesters believe the Rite Aid in Lancaster, Calif., with its violations and attempts to halt a union, shows the importance of the Employee Free Choice Act.


The legislation would amend the National Labor Relations Act. Current law has favored secret ballot elections that are monitored by the federal government; the new law would favor a system where a union is formed if it can get at least 50 percent of employees to sign a petition.


Unions have argued the current system allows employers to pressure employees to vote against unionizing. Critics of the proposed law say it will allow unions to strongarm and intimidate employees, and effectively take away the secret ballot system.


"These are rights we have had in the United States since the 1930s, and what happened at Rite Aid is wrong; they only got a slap on the wrist," said Sumner Delaney, the lead organizer.


"I'm here in part for Jobs with Justice, and they are powerful. If we wanted 500 people here, we could have them here, but that's not what we are about," Delaney said.


Upon his arrival, Delaney stated his purpose to the Rite Aid manager in Amesbury. After 5 minutes, the manager instructed protesters to leave the property or he would call the police.


Amesbury police Sgt. William Sholtz appeared on the scene but did not ask them to leave.


Delaney handed the officer a flier to which he replied, "You are fine, don't disrupt anything and you are OK."


Protesters gathered in the rain and handed out leaflets providing information on Rite Aid and the act from 4 to 6 p.m. at seven Rite Aid chains across Massachusetts. Amesbury's leafletting campaign is one in a long line of protests that have been taking place across the United States for months. In February, demonstrators gathered at 14 separate Rite Aid locations in Pennsylvania, Oregon, Washington and California.


"We want people to know the public is working against these national companies, and we need to be heard," Delaney said. "It's about developing the middle class, which will save the country."


Delaney first heard about the act and Rite Aid's current controversy with workers wanting to join a union in Southern California through Jobs with Justice. Jobs with Justice is a national campaign to win justice in workplaces and work toward economic and social justice. It has helped lead protests throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


Delaney chose Amesbury's Rite Aid branch because his parents live in town and he has a familiarity with the area.


"It's a blue-collar town, and people need to be aware and know how important it is to vote for the Employee Free Choice Act,' he said.


Both of Delaney's parents handed out leaflets in support of the protest.


Although out in support of the Employee Free Choice Act and California Rite Aid employees' rights, Delaney said he is not against Rite Aid.


"We aren't here to protest Rite Aide; we want people to still go to their stores, but we want people to know that they need to sign this union contract," he said.


Your Officers being sworn in.  Click here to see more.

CWA Local 1400 educates customers at an AT&T store.  More here

Obama Creates Working Families Task Force,
Issues Executive Orders Covering Contractors

President Obama Jan. 30 officially launched a White House task force aimed at raising the living standards of middle class working families and issued three labor-friendly executive orders regarding the rights of workers employed by federal contractors...
Click here for the full story.

News from Communications Workers of America Local 1400
The Union for the Information Age
155 West Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03802     603 436-4388
Press Release
For immediate release: January 28, 2009
For more info contact: Ralph Montefusco (802) 862-4085, cell (802) 598-5613 or
Rand Wilson (617) 809-0799
FairPoint challenged to make good on it's job commitments at Vermont hearing

Montpelier -  When FairPoint Communications bought Verizon's landlines in Northern New England, it made commitments in all three states to improve service, add jobs and increase access to high speed internet.

Last week it was reported that FairPoint would outsource 40 to 50 Collections Department jobs they promised to create in South Burlington to a vendor in Mississippi. 
"We are outraged," said Don Trementozzi, President of CWA Local 1400 at a joint hearing of the House Commerce and Senate Economic Development Committees on January 28. "Even before the cutover to FairPoint is complete, the company is reneging on its promises."

The hearing was co-chaired by State Senator Vincent Illuzzi (R- Newport) and State Rep. Warren Kitzmiller, (D- Montpelier).

Also testifying at the hearing were Pam Porell, VP for Government Affairs, FairPoint Communications, and David O'Brien, Chris Campbell and Ron Behrns from the Vermont Dept. of Public Service.
"This is our work.  The revenue is generated in New England and the work should be done in New England," added Trementozzi.  "These telephone jobs are important opportunities for all of us and hiring local people will ensure a higher quality standard of service.  We can't afford to miss any opportunity for economic growth." 

Click here for more pictures from the FairPoint hearing

Click here for President Don Trementozzi's Testimony

Click here for coverage in the Boston Globe

Click here for coverage on CBS channel 3 WCAX

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

On Tuesday, January 13th, CWA Dist-1 Staff Rep Paul Bouchard and I were invited to a meeting in Portland by John Polley, FairPoint VP of Labor Relations. At this meeting,
FairPoint Treasury Vice-President Tom Griffin, who is based in Charlotte, N. C., gave us an overview of FairPoint's financial position.  He then tried to justify their financial situation as the reason to pull back the 17 CWA awarded job bids for the new collection group. They planned on filling about 35-40 collection jobs in So Burlington and at least another 13 collection jobs in Littleton NH. They informed us they would outsource these jobs to Mississippi. We asked FP how they could justify the violation to our contract and how they could renege on their commitments to the 2 legislative bodies in NH and VT as well as the commitment to the communities? They said they had already decided and will be outsourcing this work. 

I can tell you since Tuesday, we have received the full backing of our National Union Dist-1 VP Chris Shelton to support our fight against FairPoint's decision to outsource our work. We have asked the Vermont Legislature to bring FairPoint back into the oversight committee hearings. A red flag should being going off with the PUC's in all 3 states. It appears cutover hasn't even begun and FairPoint has started to back out of the 600 jobs they committed to hiring in all 3 states. What's next? 

I am asking all of you to join together to fight Fairpoint and their unacceptable decision to outsource our jobs. Together with the CWA National Union we have already begun implementing our action plan. The VT Stewards Army will be updated and will inform all of you.
Stay United,

Don Trementozzi
CWA Local 1400


Officer training February 2009.  More here

Marlboro Chief Steward Election Results are in...
Congratulations Maryellen McConville!

Maryellen McConville   37
Cy Anderlionis             36


News from Communications Workers of America Local 1400
The Union for the Information Age
155 West Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03802     603 436-4388
Press Release
Contact: Candice Johnson, CWA Communications
cjohnson@cwa-union.org, 202-434-1168
For Release 6 pm Sunday, February 8, 2009

CWA: AT&T Mobility Shows Little Interest in Settling Contract

Washington, D.C. – Negotiations resumed earlier today between the Communications Workers of America and AT&T Mobility, but CWA said that union and company bargainers remain far apart on several important issues. No further talks are scheduled at this time.

CWA is prepared to bargain at any time. However, AT&T Mobility needs to come to the bargaining table ready to discuss and resolve some very complicated issues, and so far, the company has shown no willingness to do so, said CWA Executive Vice President Annie Hill.

The contract covering AT&T Mobility workers is set to expire at midnight. CWA sought a longer extension so that the bargainers could resolve some very complex issues, but AT&T Mobility has refused.

"CWA is disappointed that Mobility management seems unwilling to hammer out an agreement at the bargaining table. Instead, the company has used scare tactics to frighten employees, forcing CWA to file charges against AT&T Mobility with the National Labor Relations Board," Hill said.

In these negotiations, CWA represents 20,000 Mobility workers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, the mid-West, Mountain States and the West Coast.

AT&T Mobility Members,

LIES...LIES...and MORE lies

The company is putting out a lot of lies to try to scare you and weaken us at the bargaining table.  They want us to get only what they want to give us and ignore all the things we need.  This is our only chance for the Union to try to get you a fair wage increase and fix some of our problems on the job.  AT&T Mobility management wants to steal that chance from us and wants you to help them.

Lie#1 – Management can force you to resign.

The truth – They can not.  You have a legal right to be a Union member and they cannot force you to quit.

Lie #2 – They can fire you on Monday if you don't resign and if we don't have a contract

The truth – They cannot.  In fact it is illegal for them to try to scare you into quitting the Union or discipline you in any way for being a Union member.

Lie #3 – They can stop you from wearing signs of solidarity with the Union, like wearing a red pin or bracelet.

The truth – They should not. The law says you have a right to wear items in support of the Union unless they can prove it disrupts their business.  If your boss demands that you remove your button, or other item, you should do it and find other ways to show your support.  Let the Union know so we can fight it.

This illegal activity on the part of the AT&T Mobility will not go unchallenged. The National Labor Relations Act covers these violations.  Don't fall for their tricks!  Call the Union if you are approached with any of these lies.  The only way we will win a good contract is if we stick together.  

Please be sure to visit the AT&T Mobility section of our web site frequently.

Portsmouth union office locks glued shut after new officers elected

Thursday, January 22, 2009

PORTSMOUTH — Police say someone put glue in the locks at a local union office on West Road and at least one of the newly elected heads of the union suspects it was not a case of random vandalism...
Click here for the full story.

Election results for Chief Stewards

Marlboro                                                Burlington
Mary Ellen McConville  37                     Darlene Stone
Cy Anderlonis 36
                                                              Felicia Augevich
Andover Fios
Storm Gage                                          Worcester
                                                              Mary Francis Comstock 21 
Andover Blue                                         Kerri Quinlan 18
Aimee Bettencourt 36
Karen Furman 24                                   Bangor
                                                              Lynann Bates 29
Andover Red                                         Bob Mutty 48
John Krol 53                                          
Jennifer Cusick 40                                  AT&T Brunswick
                                                              Brian Murray
Fios 1
Karen Hayes   51
jean picardi     13

Fios 2
Lissa Senay (unopposed)

SRC Taunton
Dianne Cunningham  31
Carol Bruno        20