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The Tentative Agreement has been Accepted!

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March 20, 2011

Statement by CWA President Larry Cohen

on the planned acquisition of T-Mobile USA by AT&T


March 29, 2011

VOLUNTEERS (no longer) NEEDED to picket AT&T Mobility Stores!

To support the NY/NE Arbitration - to schedule shifts BY SENIORITY!

"There ain't no HOLLIDAY at AT&T!"

(Please email clocal1400@aol.com if you would like to volunteer!)



May 28, 2010

CWA Member Shot in AT&T Mobility Store

Message from Chris Shelton

On Thursday afternoon, a 79-year-old man entered the AT&T Mobility Store in New York Mills and shot employee Seth Turk, a member of CWA Local 1126 who was standing at the front counter.  Seth was shot in the abdomen. He was rushed into surgery and is reported to be in critical but stable condition.                        

An off-duty Rome , New York police officer was in the store at the time and he shot and killed the shooter.  Officer Donald Moore, who just happened to be shopping at the time, is credited with preventing the violence from being much worse. The shooter, Abraham Dickan, had previously threatened employees in the store.  AT&T corporate officials had banned the gunman from the store and had reported him to the New York Mills police resulting in Dickan’s pistol permit being revoked.  On Thursday, Dickan returned to the store with a .357 Magnum and a list of the names of six employees he wanted to kill.  Police found the list of names in the shooter’s pocket.

CWA Local 1126 President Mike Garry was on the scene immediately along with Jason White and Chief Steward Jorge LeBron who works in the New York Mills store.  AT&T is working with the Local to provide counseling to co-workers this weekend. 

Dennis G. Trainor
Assistant to the Vice President



Dear AT&T Brothers and Sisters:

Those who are new to Local 1400, Welcome! You are part of The Communications Workers of America, a labor organization nearly one million strong that represents the telecom industry, electrical and employees of related businesses.

The role of the national union as well as the local union is three-fold, known as the CWA Triangle: 

1) Represent employees

2) Organize workers

3) Be involved in our communities and take political action

The  huge organizing campaigns of the 1940's and 1950's led to fair wages and  in most cases health insurance and pensions funded by the employers. These benefits were not given, they were hard fought for through the collective bargaining process between employers and unions. Those same benefits are rarely found in non-union workplaces, and in fact, cost shifting to the employees  is more common. Unions and their collective bargaining power are eroded when the contract is not adhered to in all worksites.

Now…Back to your issues!

Employers and unions must comply with the National Labor Relations Act and its governing board. It is a violation of the National Labor Relations Act for an employer to bargain directly with its members.  What does that mean? In the AT&T Mobility world the employer has the obligation of assigning a ‘key holder’ when there is no manager in the store: that employee is entitled to a 10% differential for the period of time they are in that position.

If a manager is absent from a store, there may be an opening key-holder and also a closing key-holder.  If the store is open 10 hours, the opener may be paid for 5 hours of the differential and a closer the other 5 hours.  To not pay someone in the absence of a manager for the day as the key-holder would be a violation of the collective bargaining agreement. A manager asking an RSC or SSR to ‘cover for them’ without being designated as the key-holder would be bargaining directly with the employee. Any incident where a manager asks an employee to overlook or violate the contract is a violation of the act. Know your contract!

RSC’s, as you know, must strive hard to meet their sales objectives to earn their commission and even harder to prevent the company from imposing the RSSM disciplinary process on them.  

Pre-paid activations DO NOT count toward the RSSM gross add objective, yet there is compensation for selling those gross adds.  It is crucial that all RSCs be aware of the difference between compensation elements versus RSSM criteria. Should a customer fail the credit check,  and you sell a pre-paid phone, that does not count toward your RSSM objective.

AT&T has the RSSM in place as their ‘tool’ to gauge whether or not  RSC’s  meet AT&T s ‘expectations’.  All too many members are disciplined under this plan and fail to seek out the counsel of a steward or union official. 

Whenever you have a meeting with a manager, ask them if the meeting could lead to discipline. It is your right to have union representation at that meeting, if so. 

The RSSM is useful to management but  can be devastating to you;  it could lead to your termination

The steps of discipline used by management are:

1)      Counsel

2)      Written Warning

3)      Final Written Warning

4)      Dismissal/Termination

There is also a misconception on the part of some managers about  the market under which the bottom 20% (quintile) of performers is based. Some managers have stated that consultants who fail to meet the post-paid gross add objective and opps objective fall under the New England market footprint.  If that were the case, there would be a larger population to rank your sales against;  instead,  New Hampshire,  Maine, and Massachusetts are combined as one market and Vermont is a separate market.

This means Vermont’s  numbers  are compared to a much smaller population. We are seeing a pattern where large numbers of consultants in individual stores are put on steps of discipline under RSSM for the same month.

RSSM steps taken are not within the control of the RSM s nor the ASMs;  they are delivered by District level based on metrics set by district. It is crucial that SSRs and RSCs work together as union members to support one another to achieve your objectives.

If you fall in the bottom quintile within your market  but meet your Gross Add (non-pre-paid) or Opps objective, you will not fall under RSSM. The RSSM objectives may be appealed by the RSM to the ARSM and then to the district manager. It is very rare for district to alter/reduce the store numbers unless there is a  critical factor impacting all RSCs  in a location,  i.e. store closing due to weather,  infestation or  evacuation. Individual results are not exempted as a rule. 

We are grieving the RSSM process, based on the cookie cutter approach that allows no regional discretion. Years of service and past performance are not taken into account, which we feel is unjust.  Common statements in many stores is that there is overstaffing, reps are unable to meet their sales goals and also that store traffic has declined.

The company bases their gross add objectives based on foot traffic, based on the ‘tic’ counter, divided by the number of RSC’s. Stand alone stores have a higher sales closing percentage expectation than malls, where there is higher random traffic. Demographic makeup and store location are not a consideration unless there an obvious trend or pattern.  

Please track the number of failed credit checks you encounter that leads to a pre-paid sale. This information may be a critical piece overlooked by upper management. If the demographics of your store location are such that the customer base has poor credit and or cannot afford deposits, track the number of failures, but do not keep any CPNI or violate any company policies.

SSR’s play a crucial role in helping RSC's attain their goals by educating customers of the benefits of new plans, features and accessories and steering those customers to the RSC's. Unions are teams and teamwork it critical for the success and continued employment of our membership.

You  work in a fast paced environment and it can be very stressful. We all need to communicate with one another to help reduce frustration and or misunderstandings. A stress- free workplace is the ideal and that is what can be achieved through communication. If there is a work related dispute between co-workers, encourage them to seek out a steward to mediate. If no steward is available, call your District VP or the local union hall at 603-436-4388. Do not go to management regarding contract violations;  a steward is the point of contact for contract clarifications. Stewards will call the DVP if they need more clarification.

Tempers flare from time to time, but violence and even the threat of violence is a COBC. Do not let a dispute get out of control, help one another; once an issue goes to managers versus the union, discipline may be the only option available to the manager.  Sometimes a suggestion that a colleague head to the break-room to take a deep breath can help to diffuse the situation.

Your elected officials are here to help, do not hesitate to e-mail or call us.

Please visit the local’s website to get contact information, and bargaining unit updates:


It has been a pleasure visiting your stores and meeting you.  Your district VP will be making continued office visits to get to know you and understand your individual workplace issues.


In Solidarity,

Mike O’Day        Vermont VP      802-233-1501     MIKEODAY1400@AOL.COM

Barb Finn           Maine VP         207-653-8383     BARBFIN1400@AOL.COM

Felicia Augevich   N. H.              603-702-0902     FELICIA1400@YAHOO.COM



Movement from Management into Bargained Positions

Time Line
Move Date – 11/8/2009
Mobility Organization:
Vermont Retail

1. 11/08/2009: Employees are moved into bargained job titles under the 2009 Labor Agreement - Orange Contract. Note: Employees on Leave of Absence or Disability will not be moved. Upon return to active status, the business unit will need to issue an ePCR to move employee into the new title.

2. 11/08/2009: Employees continue entering time into MyTime –Kronos System.

3. 11/08/2009: Employees will be mapped into the 2009 wage column of the 2009 Labor Agreement.

* Employees’ existing annual salaries will be converted to weekly equivalents. This wage rate will be used to slot employees into the bargained wage step that is closest to, but not less than, their current weekly wage.

* Employees will be eligible to receive applicable step increases six months from the date the employee was placed into the bargained job title, in accordance with wage progression rules.

4. 11/08/2009: Employees will become eligible for pay differentials under Article 19, as appropriate (i.e., RD pay, on-call pay).

5. 11/15/2009: Enrollment kits will be mailed to employee’s home address about a week after the change in status in payroll.

Note: Employees moving into the bargaining unit are moving to different benefit plans. Eligibility rules – for all plans (retirement, health/welfare, etc) – could be changing under the bargained benefits.

* Employee has 31-days to enroll into bargained benefits; enrollment kit will give the enrollment timeframe. It’s important to get enrolled by the end of the month, though, so there will be no gap in coverage. If enrollment kit is not received by 11/22, call the benefits center (877-722-0020) and speak with a representative about enrollment.

* There will be a second enrollment for 1/01/2010 bargained benefits coverage (annual enrollment). The Benefits Service Center Representative can advise when this needs to be completed.

* 401K /Pension Information - Fidelity will NOT send information about any changes to their existing pension Plan. Only 401K enrollment information will be mailed to these participants.

* Vacation time and PDO (Personal Days Off) conversion information attached.

* Any monies in the HSA are still accessible / spendable by the employee; though employee can no longer contribute to the HSA. Employee should call vendor with questions or to inquire how to get to their monies.

* Savings plan loan deductions will be deducted from all three checks in November.

6. 11/21/2009: Employees receive last management check for pay period 11/1 to 11/07/09.

7. 11/25/2009: Employees will receive their first pay check as bargained employees for the full pay period of 11/08 to 11/21/2009.

8. 11/30/2009: Management Benefits expire.

9. 12/01/2009: Non-management - Bargained Benefits begin.

To get a copy of your 'Orange Contract' please go to the link on the left side of our Website: CWALOCAL1400.ORG

We will get a printed copy to you once they are supplied to us by AT&T. As always e-mail me with any concerns, I will do my best to get back to you the same day. If you have a question that requires immediate attention, please call YOUR Local at 603-436-4388 or leave a message on my cell 802-233-1501. Also, the local has an e-mail address you can send questions to and the officers reply to them that day. The address is : CLOCAL1400@AOL.COM. You have all also been invited to join the CWA Local 1400 Facebook page where the officers are able to post updates as they become available in realtime.

Please share this message with colleagues who are not on the email list and have them contact me or the local to be added to the list for crucial updates.

In Solidarity,

Mike O'Day

DVP District 7 VT


The AT&T Mobility Labor Agreement is now available.  You will need pdf software installed like Adobe Reader to read the document.  Adobe Reader is free & can be obtained here.

Contract Ratified

CWA members covered by the AT&T Mobility "Orange" contract ratified a new agreement that provides real gains for workers, including improvements in the retail store compensation plan and the creation of a new career path for customer service representatives.

CWA Executive Vice President Annie Hill said this contract broke new ground, especially in the areas of compensation for retail store worker s and expanding career opportunity in customer service, two top priorities for Mobility members.

"For customer service workers, this first-ever career path shows that skill and experience will begin to be recognized and rewarded by AT&T Mobility. For retail sales workers, a new, minimum at-risk monthly commission payout provides a floor for earnings," Hill said.  "Mobility workers will be building on these gains as we go forward," she added.

The proposed settlement provides for a compounded wage increase of 8.8 percent over the four-year contract term, along with a $500 bonus. More than 11,000 retail sales consultants now will earn a minimum monthly commission of $1,000 if targeted sales goals are met. In addition, some 500 consumer care workers will receive job upgrades and additional pay increases, as will 50-70 wireless technicians. Other important improvements addressed monitoring and quota relief.

Mobilization by Mobility workers throughout the "Orange" territory – Districts 1, 2, 4, 7, 9 and 13 – made a tremendous difference as did support from CWA Mobility members in the Southeast and Southwest covered by separate contracts and CWA members at the core AT&T company.


April 2, 2009 

Subject:   "Orange" Contract

Dear Colleagues: 

All of the ballots have been counted and we are pleased to announce the Tentative Agreement has been ratified by a vote of 73 percent. 

Thank you for all of your support and hard work throughout this round of bargaining.  You never waivered and we sincerely appreciate your true solidarity. 

Special thanks to the Bargaining Committee for all of their hard work!

In Unity,

Annie Hill
Executive Vice President
CWA National



The following information is a brief summary of the tentative agreement reached between CWA and AT&T Mobility.

A more comprehensive summary will follow along with specific information on a contract ratification vote. Date to be determined.


1. The General Wage Schedules for all employees will be increased as follows:


2009 1% 1%

2010 2.5% 2.5%

2011 2.5% 2.5%

2012 2.5% 2.5%

All employees will also receive a $500.00 lump sum payment upon ratification

2. Job Upgrades for the following titles:

*Wireless Technician I and Wireless Technician II titles will be eliminated. All existing employees will move into the Wireless Technician title at the wage schedule associated with the current Wireless Technician II title.

*CSR 1 reps in the Technical Support Group will be upgraded to a new title of Customer Support Specialist with a new maximum rate of $683.00 for year 2009. Current employees in the Technical Support Group above the new maximum rate will receive the general wage increase based on existing wage rates.

*CSR I reps in the Office of the President will be upgraded to a new title of Client Service Specialist with a new maximum wage rate of $672.50 for year 2009.

*CSR I reps and Clerks in the Workforce Operations group will be upgraded to a new title of Workforce Administrator with a new maximum rate of 632.50 for year 2009.

*Care Function Evaluation—Company to evaluate the CSR functions to see if
additional titles should or could be created.

3. On-call pay—increased from $28 to $32 for each day of such assignment

4. Relief Differential—Employees assigned the duty of performing managerial opening and/or
closing (Key Holder) will receive a 10% differential payment for each hour the employee
performs this work.

5. Severance Payment—Increased from a maximum payment of $12,000 to $15,000

6. Travel Payment—Travel time exceeding normal commute time when on a temporary
assignment will be paid as work time. Mileage reimbursement for use of personal vehicles will be reimbursed at the IRS Standard.

7. Sales Compensation Plan

*Minimum at-risk commission pay of $12,000/year for years 2009 and
and 2010 and $12,500/year for years 2011 and 2012 for those reaching 100% of their
targeted goal *National Sales Compensation Committee –to be reestablished

8. Quota Relief—quota relief for 8 hour increments of time (8 aggregate hour in a calendar
month) has been added for discipline purposes only.


1. Definition of Employees—If the Company reclassifies from Full Time to Part Time, they will seek
volunteers first and then force in reverse order.

2. Seniority—seniority will apply to all Articles and LOA’s and the middle two digits of SSN will be
used as tie breaker when employees have same NCS date and same last 4 of SSN

3. Work Assignments—Laid off employees will be given priority placement for rehire

4. Non-Discrimination—Company will not discriminate against an employee because of ones
position or membership or non membership in the union

5. Company-Union Relationship—increase in union time from 240 hours to 300 hours and up to
20 reps may take or pool up to 960 hours each/year. (20 X 960= 19,200 hours)

6. Vacations—Company will maximize the allotment of vacation weeks during the most desirable vacation periods.

7. Holidays—holiday schedules to be posted by Friday at noon 2 weeks prior to the Holiday

8. EWP’s—change in hour increment availability from 2 hours to 1 hour.

9. Personnel Records—employees will be provided a copy of all disciplinary write-ups

10. Subcontracting—Original language to remain with understanding that within 60 days of
ratification, subcontracting reports and data requests will be provided to bargaining chair
and going forward quarterly reports on subcontractors will be provided

11. Alliance Committee—new language to explore the possibility of the Alliance.

12. Strategic Alliance Committee—Establishment of Committee to explore innovative methods of operation

13. Scheduling Trial—Retail Sales Group trial to explore more effective methods of scheduling.
Company will review results with Union and consider input.

14. Job Satisfaction (Monitoring)—Company to review call observations within 2 days of the
employee’s next two (2) scheduled workdays with the understanding the coverage is to be done
in a private area.